Zancanella and Associates provides a complete water supply approach to ensure that long term physical and legal supplies are adequate. Our staff works closely to define the client’s water demands. We provide engineering for both short term temporary substitute water supply plans and long-term augmentation plans. For the change of existing water rights, Zancanella and Associates performs the required engineering analysis and evaluation of historical consumptive use. If appropriate, we will assist the client in filing for new water rights. Securing a dependable water supply in both quantity and quality is paramount. The water must be of high quality and of sufficient quantity to meet present and future demands. Once the water rights requirements are established these demands are met both legally and physically.

Water supply planning services include:

  • Water System Master Plans for Municipal and Quasi-Governmental Entities
  • County 1041 Water System Expansion Plans and Permits
  • Water and Wastewater Rate Studies
  • Computer modeling using hydraulic modeling programs and GIS

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