Zancanella and Associates provides services related to all aspects of dam ownership from reconnaissance and feasibility to design and maintenance. 


  • Dam and Reservoir Design and Construction
  • Dam Design for Expansion and/or Reconstruction
  • Inflow Design Flood Hydrology
  • Evaluation and Design of Outlet Works
  • Evaluation and Design of Spillways
  • Hazard Classifications
  • Dam Safety Evaluations
  • Dam Breach Inundation Mapping
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s)
  • Construction Administration
  • Permitting:
    • State Engineer Approvals
    • Federal and State Environmental Permit Coordination and Support
    • Local Permitting: 1041 Review/Grading Permits/etc.


Spillways and Outlet Works

Hazard Classifications — Verification and/or Change

Inflow Design Flood Hydrology

Dam Breach Modeling with Downstream Inundation Mapping

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