Here in Colorado the study of hydrology is used to relate the natural flow of water to the built environment.  Water is one of the most beautiful and powerful forces we know; it can also be the most destructive.  As engineers we use the properties of water to design structures that both compliment and respect the forces of water.  We design channels that pass the entire design flow, but donâ’t erode the banks under the waterâ’s force and speed, bridges that span water and culverts that convey it.

Zancanella and Associates works with the latest engineering software to develop water and wastewater models of municipalities to assist in maintenance programs such as: ARC GIS, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Bentley Sewer Gems.

Zancanella and Associates provides the following surface and groundwater services:

  • Analysis of water availability
  • Groundwater resource evaluations and stream basin modeling
  • Groundwater Return Flow Calculations
  • Surface water return flow
  • Well design, construction and permitting
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and Design
  • Environmental Permitting and Compliance studies
  • Crop consumption and evapotranspiration analysis
  • Precipitation analysis
  • Geothermal Design and Services
  • Wetlands Restoration and 404 Permitting
  • Flow measurement
  • Storage rights
  • Dam design and construction
  • Stormwater / Flood management
  • Post-fire remediation
  • Aesthetic Water Feature Design

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