Zancanella and Associates has a core group of engineers with a wide array of design and engineering expertise. By using teamwork and our vast knowledge base, Zancanella and Associates has provided projects that are both innovative and cost effective and have proven the test of time.

 Our engineers pull from a vast pool of expertise in a wide array of civil engineering aspects of design, approval and permitting, environmental and regulatory oversight, public input, community needs, and client requirements. By understanding the sometimes-sensitive environmental needs and public wants that are associated with projects, Zancanella and Associates is able to design and deliver products that provide the best overall designs, meeting the many needs of our clients, the environment, and the general public.

 All of our engineers work in the field as operators for public water and waste water systems, hydroelectric system, and industrial systems.  In addition, Zancanella and Associates provides many levels of construction services.  Our engineers are experienced in construction management, construction observation and inspection, QA/QC oversight, and general construction review of multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects. Our engineers have a vast wealth of knowledge in the engineering profession and are able to work together to overcome the challenges that can occur on the construction job site. Our engineers offer real world, hands on design that allows quick and cost effective responses to problems encountered.  Zancanella and Associates believes in working together with contractors to develop the best solution for any size project.

 Designing for the future is a trait that our engineers hold true no matter the size or scope of the project, Zancanella and Associates can meet your needs.

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